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Biomedical Innovation Department Español

Technology transfer


Currently, we have projects involving technology transfer with anti-cytokine antibodies and for animal diagnostics. We are in the process of completing technology transfers based on toxins, to develop drugs for analgesia, breast and colon cancer, diabetes and tuberculosis.

Our marketing strategy of innovative knowledge generated in the department, is through the business model "Business Model Innovation", in which the attention is based in satisfying the specific needs of the customer, considered the primary actor. We work with proposals adapted or suited to customer needs until we reach an agreement and proceed to sign specific and confidentiality agreements between both parties.

We have all the necessary tools to protect and transfer our technology to develop concrete collaborations with companies that are interested in biomedical developments derived from the DIB.

For more information:
PhD. L. Noemí Sánchez, lsanchezcicese.edu.mx; Lic. Harumy Rivera, hriveraarrobacicese.edu.mx