udb Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education at Ensenada, B.C. Liga a CICESE
Biomedical Innovation Department Español



Our laboratory can hold up to 40 students and technical personnel, the facilities include specialized areas for level III pathogenic microorganisms, cell culture, flow cytometry, fermentations, mass spectrometry, last generation DNA sequencing, and animal facilities (animalarium).

The picture shows a proteomic analysis system with nano analytical HPLC, quadrupole chip cube interface and time of flight coupled to an accurate mass spectrometer (Agilent Technologies). The configuration of this spectrometer is unique in Mexico.

Additionally, lab equipment includes:

      • Massive DNA sequencers
      • Flow cytometer with acoustical approach ATTUNE
      • Nanodrop spectrophotometer
      • Microplate spectrophotometer
      • Inverted microscope
      • Thermal surface for analgesia tests
      • Vertical laminar flow hoods, class II kind A2
      • Ultrafreezers
      • Realtime genes amplifier